Jack Darling Leash Free Dog Park

The Jack Darling off leash area is located in Mississauga, Ontario and it is one of the largest fully fenced off leash dog parks in Ontario.


The park has 4 gates all around and they are all in good condition. This fully fenced area is around the water treatment facility but don't worry it's not stinky at all. There is a hill by the main (north) entrance which is used as a toboggan hill in the winter. Usually people walk around the park in a clockwise direction so if you want to meet the most dogs along the way start walking the opposite direction.

There are a few benches on the top of the hill but there is no water available inside the dog park. There are, however, poop bags all the time as well as a bulletin board to keep you up-to-date with current events.

Jack Darling off leash dog park

Park Hours

The park is open all year round, 7 days a week. The gate opens at 7am and closes at 9pm. During the summer on weekends and on holidays all dogs must be on a leash even inside the dog park from 11am until 7pm. (I've been to the park many many times and this rule is not frequently enforced but it's a rule nonetheless).

Summer hours are between April 1st to September 30th. For more information call the Leash Free Mississauga help line at 416-761-POOP (7667).


The park requires a voluntary membership of $10 per dog per year for one dog or $15 per dog per year for more than one dog. Membership forms are available at by the east entrance bullentin board. It's OK for first time visitors not to have a membership (especially becuase it's not mandatory) but if you come here regularly please purchsae a membership - it will help keeping the park in a good shape and a portion will be donated to local shelters.

Membership forms are available on the Leash Free Mississauga website.

Park Etiquette

Many people have sent in comments and complained about inconsiderate owners who have little or no conrol over their, often agressive, dogs. Dog of all breeds, age and sizes go the the park regulary as well as professional dogwalkers, children and elderly people.

Please make sure your dogs obey your commands and don't harrass other dogs and people in the park. If you're dog doesn't listen to you, consider taking a trainig course or ask other owners to help you with basic commands. Thank you.