Parking at the park

The park has 5 parking lots and they are all free.

The first lot is on your right as soon as you enter the park. It is used by the leash free area visitors but anyone can park there and on busy days that is your best bet to find parking. It is about 10 minutes walk from the waterfront.

The second lot it about 500 feet in to the right of the road. It is also used by dogpark visitors but because it's close to the waterfront many picnicers will try to park here when all the other lots are full.

The third parking area is the only non-paved lot on the right side where the picnic area begins. It is closest to the tennis courts.

The fourth lot is on the left by the playground just before the roundabout. This one tends to get full the quickest.

The last parking lot is at the end of the road after the roundabout on the right side - it also fills up quickly.

As you can see there is plenty of parking available, however, on nice weekends and on holidays it can be very hard to find parking even on the side of the road. Try to take one car only if possible, even better, ride your bicycle, walk in or rollerblade.