Jack Darling Picnic Area

The Jack Darling park is a picnic park by Lake Ontario in south Mississauga.

The park has two picnic areas, each seating 75 people. There are many barbeques available across the park all free to use. If a group of more than 25 people wish to use the park they need to make a reservation by calling 905-615-4100.

There centre of the picnic areas can get pretty crowded while there is not a soul in the open space by the tennis court; strange how people like to be so close together.

Picnic areas at Jack Darling park

Most people bring a combination or ready made food from home and meat and veggies to barbeque. While the parents prepare the food kids can play games on the grass which is nicely maintainted by the city. There are two fully equipped playgrounds nearby.

The park has several washrooms for you convenience. There is also an ice cream and hot dog vendor in the centre in case you burn the meat on the barbie:)

Visitor feedback: We received a comment from Victoria, who is a frequent visitor to the park: She says: "We frequently use Jack Darling park and love the park...BUT the washrooms are gross! We were just there and I know they have just opened for the season and they already stink, not to mention the shape they are in."

If you are also experiencing problems with the washrooms in the park please contact the City of Mississauga customer service number at 905-615-4100. We are not affiliated with the park or the City and the best we can do is provide an objective review of the park and post visitor comments. Thank you.

Robin: "I agree with Victoria. The park is great - it offers many things for families to do, but the washrooms are not cleaned very well."

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